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New Reiki Level 1 Extended Training Course

This 6 month extended course is sure to get you trained, & certified to start using the power of Reiki to heal yourself and others. This course will teach you the following:

*What is Reiki?

*How does Reiki work??

*Where does the source from Reiki come from?

*and much more!



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Mirror the Life You Want to Manifest

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About Heavenly Butterfly Boutique

Heavenly Butterfly Boutique, is a company founded and established in Charlotte, NC, that specializes in all things spiritual & natural methods. I offer services ranging from Reflexology therapy, Reiki therapy,Crystal therapy, astrological readings, tarot readings, and chakra healing, I have a wide variety of spiritual products & services.  I also promote an all healthy, and all natural lifestyle. I have assisted many on their spiritual journey to spiritual & holistic wellness. I am now offering Reiki 1,2, and Masters Certification Courses for those seeking to start helping heal the world! 
Our Services
*Reiki Energy Treatments
*Reiki Level 1, 2 & Masters Certification Course
*Tarot, Oracle Readings & Classes
*Meditation Classes
* and Much More!
  “Mirror the Life You Want to Manifest”  

Charlotte, NC 28215

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Tarot & Manifestation
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The Waxing Moon Money 💰 Drawing Sigil
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Cosmic Slumber Party
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Sip & Tarot Reading Party 🎉
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Distant Healing Reiki Treatment
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Tarot Reading Party 🎉 Sip n Tarot
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Virgo ♍️ March Weekly Insights
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Leo ♌️ March Weekly Insights- Leo ♌️ stepping within their POWER 💥
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Sunday’s Live Chat on Youtube
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Libra ♎️ February 24-March 2,2020 General Reading Insights
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YouTube Live Zodiac General Readings
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Teri Taylor, 5505 Keyway Blvd G, Charlotte, NC 28215, USA


Toll Free: 1-888-969-0303


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