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I hope that this message reaches you all in high spirits! Welcome to this Week’s Crystal Of The Week! I would also like to thank you for subscribing and being so active with us! As some of you may remember last week, I discussed the Opal crystal and its metaphysical properties. Well this week I am going to go over the Cherry Opal Crystal. It is in the opal family, so if you missed my blog on last week’s crystal. You can find it Here just click the link. This is great information and I don’t want you to miss out! So please Subscribe To Us to receive updates on this and MORE! Please keep in mind that any crystal that belongs to a certain family (you’ll soon know all about this). Any attribute the original crystal holds, so will the other crystals in that “family”. It will just offer the additional qualities of that specific color. 

This Week’s Crystal

Cherry Opal: Cherry Opal is said to aid in cleansing and activating the base and sacral chakras. It is said to offer a feeling of being centered. At a spiritual level, this stone activates clairvoyance. It is said to be particularly helpful with headaches from an unblocked or unopened third eye. It promotes issue regeneration and heals blood disorders, muscle tension, and spinal disorders. As well as menopausal disorders. 

Next Week: I will discuss another crystal from the OPAL family….So check in frequently for updates, sales, and other Blog Discussion’s!

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Information Cited: The Crystal Bible By: Judy Hall Volume 1


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