Tuesday’s Messages

Bright Blessings,

Today’s reading comes just before Valentine’s Day! I hope this message for today gives you insight and clarity. If you would like a more detailed reading on your specific life’s situation please Visit Me on the internet to schedule your private reading with me.

Love & Light


Travel, Romance, Potential Romance is in the air. You will soon travel to somewhere special. A romantic evening leads you to discover a source of untapped and virtually unlimited potential. A very inspirational idea will come to you and you will suddenly look at life from a new perspective. You will create something new through this and this will Be of lasting value. This is still a time to relax, unwind and enjoy this time. The beautiful reflective light of the moon fills your heart with love and reveals a deep well untapped creative possibility. With the Full Moon preparing for her arrival Jan 31,2018 this is a beautiful time for new beginnings! Valentines will be here soon! And all February will be a month of love. Love is all around you during this time, take time to make yourself available to meeting new people during this time as well.


I invite romance into my life I look at things from a new perspective My life is full of unlimited potential Creative possibilities are all around meLife is an endless source of inspiration

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