Large Smoky Quartz Stones

Large Smoky Quartz Stones

Smoky Quartz is a very grounding and protective stone. When someone throws you shade this is the Stone to run to. This stone is extremely balancing the brown in this stone offers this is where that extra shade aesthetic energy  comes from, and the darker color gives that added punch of celestial energy.

Smoky Quartz connects us to the highest realms of being and amplifies the truth in everything and everyone around it. If this stone is one your drawn to, that’s a clear indication that you need to open the doors to your heart, and let love and light in. This is a stone of truth (the truth will set you free)! This stone helps one to live in their truth, it’s very cleansing and detoxing this stone has been included in healing layouts and healing treatments. This stone is very beneficial for the root chakra, this stone amplifies other stones around it. It creates a soothing vibe, this stone can heal any type of spiritual wounds. If you need a mid day pick me up, this is also a great stone to uplift your energy. Hold this stone in your hand and allow its soothing energy to cover you. Smoky Quartz connects you to a higher state of consciousness. It works to release negative emotions, this stone helps you to reach your full potentials and to step within your power. 

It releases one of the following negative emotions: jealousy, anger and fear. Program this stone with your specific intention and allow it to bring the balance you seek. 

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