Ritual Candles

Ritual Candles

Spiritual workers such as myself, use candles for making wishes, casting spells, adding power to prayers, and cleansing and as offerings to deities. Think of it, as placing an order out for the universe. Using color candles makes sending those orders easier for the universe to understand. A lot of the time we ask for things of the universe and aren't clear on exactly what it is we want. This sometimes causes questions/prayers to simply go unanswered. These use of color candles helps cut that confusion out. Below I'm listing color candles and their meanings. I hope this article helps bring more insight and clarity on which candles should be used.


White- Spirituality and spiritual healing, peace, purity, and rest. 

Green-Used for money drawing, luck in gambling, succeeding in business, finding steady work, and good fortune in general. 

Blue- For harmony and peace in the home, to have a joyful home, to promote Good intentions, for Court case spells. 

Red- For attracting love (come to me), passion, affection, and protection. 

Pink- Used for attraction, romance, keeping a good life. 

Yellow- Used for devotional prayer, symbolizes gold and fortune, fast luck, cheerfulness, attraction. 

Orange- Opening the way, change of plans, prophetic dreams. 

Black-Used to separate, break up, repulse, freedom from evil.

Brown- For finding lost things, to find a job, law stay away.

Purple-For mastery, power, ambition, control, command, wealth. 

Gray- Neutralizes negativity, removes bad influences, promotes stability and peace of mind. 

Gold- Enlightenment, Protection, Success, Wealth, Luck, Divination, Victory

Silver- Stability, meditation, developing psychic ability, repelling destruction, victory

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